Best Foreign Shows: Prisoners of War

Prisoners of War

Country:  Israel

Language:  Hebrew (English Subtitles)

Network:  Keshet

Genre:  Drama

Available On:  Hulu

Watch if you like:  Homeland, The Americans, Rubicon 

This is the show that Homeland is based off of, but don’t write it off thinking there is no point of watching just because of that – it is much different.  It has a much slower pace and is more character driven, especially in season one.  During season one, the focus is on how the two prisoners of war handle the return home to their families after 17 years of being held captive.  Israeli military psychologist Haim suspects they are hiding something and the viewer slowly begins to see what that is (mainly through the show’s great use of flashbacks).  Despite the slower pace, the show is never boring – it still has the realistic, tense, psychological thriller feel that Homeland has when it is at its best.  Few things can top the first season of Homeland, but I definitely preferred POW season 2 over Homeland season 2.