Best Foreign Shows, Australia: “Rake”



Country:  Australia

Language:  English

Network:  ABC-1

Genre:  Drama/comedy, law

Available On:  Netflix

Watch if you like:   The FOX Remake, Californication 

“Rake” is an Australian series centered around defense lawyer Cleaver Greene.  If you’re wondering where the title comes from, it is a term that can be used to describe Greene to a tee.  Per Wikipedia: “A rake, short for rakehell, is a historic term applied to a man who is habituated to immoral conduct, frequently a heartless womanizer. Often a rake was a prodigal who wasted his (usually inherited) fortune on gambling, wine, women and song, incurring lavish debts in the process.”  He is a smart man and great lawyer, but also a serious fuck-up prone to all known vices.  Despite this, he remains likable from start to finish.  The show focuses on his often tense but hilarious relationships with his ex-wife and son, best friend Barney, and prostitute Missy (all of whom deliver great performances).

Highly recommended.  A total of 16 episodes thus far.