Relief Pitcher Kenny Powers was poised to rule the Big Leagues, but two things got in his way: his fading fastball and his insufferable personality. After a spectacular career flame-out, Kenny came home to Shelby, NC and picked up a job as a substitute gym teacher (mostly so his brother Dustin would stop threatening to kick him out). He's spent every moment since then cashing in the last of his dying fame while plotting his inevitable beer at a time.

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You're the Worst
You're the Worst Match: 88.2% Rating: 8.1
Atlanta Match: 87.2% Rating: 8.1
Men of a Certain Age
Men of a Certain Age Match: 86.7% Rating: 7.9
Workaholics Match: 86.2% Rating: 8.1
Wilfred Match: 85.9% Rating: 8.1
Curb Your Enthusiasm
Curb Your Enthusiasm Match: 85.9% Rating: 8.8
Hung Match: 85.7% Rating: 7.7
My Name Is Earl
My Name Is Earl Match: 85.7% Rating: 8.4
Girls Match: 85.5% Rating: 7.4
The League
The League Match: 85.4% Rating: 8.2
Californication Match: 85.1% Rating: 8.9
Togetherness Match: 85.1% Rating: 7
Entourage Match: 84.9% Rating: 8.7
Party Down
Party Down Match: 84.7% Rating: 8.3
How to Make It in America
How to Make It in America Match: 84.7% Rating: 8.1


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