The assorted humiliations, disasters and rare triumphs of four very different twenty-something girls: Hannah, an aspiring writer; Marnie, an art gallery assistant and cousins Jessa and Shoshanna.

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You're the Worst
You're the Worst Match: 92.8% Rating: 8.1
Togetherness Match: 91.9% Rating: 7
New Girl
New Girl Match: 91.5% Rating: 7.9
2 Broke Girls
2 Broke Girls Match: 90.9% Rating: 8.2
The Mindy Project
The Mindy Project Match: 90.8% Rating: 7.3
Broad City
Broad City Match: 90.4% Rating: 7.1
Sex and the City
Sex and the City Match: 90% Rating: 8
Cougar Town
Cougar Town Match: 89.9% Rating: 8.1
Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Match: 89.7% Rating: 8
Atlanta Match: 89.7% Rating: 8.1
Whitney Match: 89.6% Rating: 7.7
Happy Endings
Happy Endings Match: 89.3% Rating: 8.2
Orange Is the New Black
Orange Is the New Black Match: 88.4% Rating: 8.1
Ally McBeal
Ally McBeal Match: 88.3% Rating: 7.5
Silicon Valley
Silicon Valley Match: 88.1% Rating: 8.2


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