After taking some time to deal with the death of his wife, sportscaster Ryan King is ready to push his feelings down and get back to work. However, Ryan's boss, preferring that Ryan work through his grief first, refuses to let him back on air until he gets counseling. Reluctantly, Ryan joins a support group, where his lack of interest in healing not only makes therapy interesting but also may just serve as the breath of fresh air needed to get his fellow group members back on track to health.

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Fresh Off the Boat
Fresh Off the Boat Match: 92.1% Rating: 8
Black-ish Match: 91.8% Rating: 8
Up All Night
Up All Night Match: 91.7% Rating: 6.4
Togetherness Match: 91.3% Rating: 7
Silicon Valley
Silicon Valley Match: 91.2% Rating: 8.2
New Girl
New Girl Match: 91% Rating: 7.9
2 Broke Girls
2 Broke Girls Match: 90.9% Rating: 8.2
Frasier Match: 90.9% Rating: 8.8
Raising Hope
Raising Hope Match: 90.8% Rating: 8.4
Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Match: 90.7% Rating: 8
Outsourced Match: 90.7% Rating: 7.9
The King of Queens
The King of Queens Match: 90.7% Rating: 8.6
Suburgatory Match: 90.5% Rating: 8
Workaholics Match: 90.2% Rating: 8.1
The Middle
The Middle Match: 90.1% Rating: 8.1


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