This Chicago-set sitcom follows the intertwined lives of six young urbanites trying to learn the ropes of adulthood. Through breakups and whatever other curve-balls life throws them, the pals stick together.

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Rules of Engagement
Rules of Engagement Match: 95.1% Rating: 8
Seinfeld Match: 93.6% Rating: 9.2
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Match: 92.9% Rating: 9.1
Whitney Match: 92.9% Rating: 7.7
Will & Grace
Will & Grace Match: 92.8% Rating: 8.3
Friends Match: 92.7% Rating: 9.2
Cheers Match: 92.2% Rating: 8
Cougar Town
Cougar Town Match: 92.2% Rating: 8.1
New Girl
New Girl Match: 92.1% Rating: 7.9
Portlandia Match: 92% Rating: 7.9
How I Met Your Mother
How I Met Your Mother Match: 92% Rating: 9
2 Broke Girls
2 Broke Girls Match: 91.9% Rating: 8.2
Running Wilde
Running Wilde Match: 91.9% Rating: 8
Broad City
Broad City Match: 91.7% Rating: 7.1
The King of Queens
The King of Queens Match: 91.5% Rating: 8.6


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