Earl Hickey's life has been full of poor choices and mistakes, and upon discovering that he is the holder of a winning lottery ticket, Earl is hit by a car and the ticket blows out of his hand as he lies unconscious in the street. While recovering in the hospital and watching television, Earl has a karmic epiphany, thanks to Carson Daly, who attributes his success to doing good for others. A light bulb goes on in Earl's dim head, and he sets out to right every wrong he has done, starting with a geek he tormented in grade school.

Shows like My Name Is Earl

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Running Wilde
Running Wilde Match: 92.2% Rating: 8
Raising Hope
Raising Hope Match: 92.1% Rating: 8.4
Cougar Town
Cougar Town Match: 92% Rating: 8.1
Two and a Half Men
Two and a Half Men Match: 91.4% Rating: 8.4
Better With You
Better With You Match: 91% Rating: 7.8
Kath & Kim
Kath & Kim Match: 90.9% Rating: 8
Men of a Certain Age
Men of a Certain Age Match: 90.8% Rating: 7.9
Curb Your Enthusiasm
Curb Your Enthusiasm Match: 90.5% Rating: 8.8
Happy Endings
Happy Endings Match: 90.4% Rating: 8.2
Mike & Molly
Mike & Molly Match: 90.4% Rating: 7.5
The League
The League Match: 90.3% Rating: 8.2
Samantha Who?
Samantha Who? Match: 90.2% Rating: 7.5
Modern Family
Modern Family Match: 90.1% Rating: 8.7
Everybody Loves Raymond
Everybody Loves Raymond Match: 90% Rating: 8.1
Up All Night
Up All Night Match: 89.9% Rating: 6.4


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