Jessica Day is an offbeat and adorable girl in her late 20s who, after a bad breakup, moves in with three single guys. Goofy, positive, vulnerable and honest to a fault, Jess has faith in people, even when she shouldn't. Although she's dorky and awkward, she's comfortable in her own skin. More prone to friendships with women, she's not used to hanging with the boys--especially at home.

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Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Match: 92.9% Rating: 8
The Mindy Project
The Mindy Project Match: 92.7% Rating: 7.3
2 Broke Girls
2 Broke Girls Match: 91.8% Rating: 8.2
Happy Endings
Happy Endings Match: 91.8% Rating: 8.2
Girls Match: 91.6% Rating: 7.4
Broad City
Broad City Match: 91.2% Rating: 7.1
Whitney Match: 90.9% Rating: 7.7
Go On
Go On Match: 90.8% Rating: 7.8
Cougar Town
Cougar Town Match: 90.8% Rating: 8.1
Up All Night
Up All Night Match: 90.8% Rating: 6.4
You're the Worst
You're the Worst Match: 89.6% Rating: 8.1
30 Rock
30 Rock Match: 89.5% Rating: 8.6
Will & Grace
Will & Grace Match: 89.5% Rating: 8.3
Togetherness Match: 89.2% Rating: 7
Rules of Engagement
Rules of Engagement Match: 89% Rating: 8


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