At 23 years old, Jimmy Chance is going nowhere in life. He skims pools for a living, parties every night and still lives at home with his family, including his parents and his cousin, Mike. Jimmy's life takes a drastic turn when a chance romantic encounter with Lucy goes awry once he discovers she is a wanted felon. Months later, when Jimmy pays a visit to the local prison, he discovers Lucy gave birth to their baby, who he is now charged with raising.

Shows like Raising Hope

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Running Wilde
Running Wilde Match: 94.2% Rating: 8
Sons of Tucson
Sons of Tucson Match: 94% Rating: 8.1
Samantha Who?
Samantha Who? Match: 93.3% Rating: 7.5
Mike & Molly
Mike & Molly Match: 93.1% Rating: 7.5
Better With You
Better With You Match: 93% Rating: 7.8
Everybody Loves Raymond
Everybody Loves Raymond Match: 93% Rating: 8.1
Kath & Kim
Kath & Kim Match: 92.9% Rating: 8
My Name Is Earl
My Name Is Earl Match: 92.6% Rating: 8.4
Modern Family
Modern Family Match: 92.1% Rating: 8.7
Outsourced Match: 92% Rating: 7.9
Malcolm in the Middle
Malcolm in the Middle Match: 91.8% Rating: 8.4
Melissa & Joey
Melissa & Joey Match: 91.7% Rating: 8
The New Adventures of Old Christine
The New Adventures of Old Christine Match: 91.6% Rating: 7.9
Two and a Half Men
Two and a Half Men Match: 91.3% Rating: 8.4
Happy Endings
Happy Endings Match: 91.3% Rating: 8.2


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