The story of Stargate Atlantis follows the cliffhanger episode on Stargate SG-1's seventh season finale "Lost City", where SG-1 found an outpost made by the race known as the Ancients in Antarctica. After the events of Stargate SG-1 season eight premiere "New Order", the Stargate Command sends an international team to investigate the outpost. Soon, Dr. Daniel Jackson discovers the location of the greatest city created by the Ancients, Atlantis. The story unfolds when the members of the expedition encounter the Wraith, the race that defeated the Ancients ten thousand years ago.

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Stargate Universe
Stargate Universe Match: 100% Rating: 8.3
Stargate SG-1
Stargate SG-1 Match: 100% Rating: 9.3
Star Trek
Star Trek Match: 89.3% Rating: 8.5
Star Trek: The Next Generation
Star Trek: The Next Generation Match: 89.3% Rating: 9.2
Sanctuary Match: 88.6% Rating: 8.1
Battlestar Galactica (2003)
Battlestar Galactica (2003) Match: 87.3% Rating: 9.2
Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles Match: 86.6% Rating: 8.1
The Walking Dead
The Walking Dead Match: 86.5% Rating: 8.9
V Match: 86.4% Rating: 7.8
The Event
The Event Match: 85.8% Rating: 8
The 4400
The 4400 Match: 85.7% Rating: 7.8
Star Wars: The Clone Wars
Star Wars: The Clone Wars Match: 85% Rating: 8.2
Falling Skies
Falling Skies Match: 84.6% Rating: 7.9
Doctor Who
Doctor Who Match: 84% Rating: 9.3
Jericho (2006)
Jericho (2006) Match: 83.4% Rating: 8.4


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