The O.C. is an idyllic paradise, a wealthy, harbour-front community where everything and everyone appears to be perfect. But beneath the surface is a world of shifting loyalties and identities, of kids living secret lives hidden from their parents, and of parents living secret lives hidden from their children. 'The O.C.' tells the story of the Cohen, Cooper, and Nichol families, and Ryan Atwood, a troubled teen from the wrong side of the tracks, who is thrust into this world, and who will forever change the lives of the residents of The O.C.

Shows like The O.C.

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Dawson's Creek
Dawson's Creek Match: 90.7% Rating: 8
Gossip Girl
Gossip Girl Match: 89.2% Rating: 8.1
The Secret Life of the American Teenager
The Secret Life of the American Teenager Match: 88.5% Rating: 6.8
Melrose Place
Melrose Place Match: 88.3% Rating: 7.7
90210 Match: 88% Rating: 7.3
Beverly Hills, 90210
Beverly Hills, 90210 Match: 88% Rating: 8.1
Skins Match: 87.6% Rating: 8.9
Life Unexpected
Life Unexpected Match: 87.5% Rating: 8.1
Dirty Sexy Money
Dirty Sexy Money Match: 87.3% Rating: 7.8
One Tree Hill
One Tree Hill Match: 87.2% Rating: 8
My So-Called Life
My So-Called Life Match: 87% Rating: 7.4
Desperate Housewives
Desperate Housewives Match: 87% Rating: 7.8
The L Word
The L Word Match: 86.4% Rating: 8
Californication Match: 86.3% Rating: 8.9
Queer as Folk
Queer as Folk Match: 86.3% Rating: 8.1


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