Tara Gregson is a wife and mother of two. Tara has dissociative identity disorder (DID). Whenever she is stressed, she transforms into one of her alternate personalities: wild and flirty teenager T; old-fashioned housewife Alice; and male, loud, beer-drinking Vietnam vet Buck (a fifth personality is introduced later in the season). Tara is supported by her husband Max, her somewhat troubled teenage daughter Kate and quirky, good-hearted gay son Marshall. Her sister, Charmaine, is not so supportive, often expressing her doubt about the validity of Tara's disorder.

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The Big C
The Big C Match: 90.7% Rating: 8.2
Kath & Kim
Kath & Kim Match: 90% Rating: 8
Samantha Who?
Samantha Who? Match: 89.5% Rating: 7.5
Shameless (US)
Shameless (US) Match: 89.4% Rating: 8.8
Men of a Certain Age
Men of a Certain Age Match: 89.2% Rating: 7.9
Desperate Housewives
Desperate Housewives Match: 89% Rating: 7.8
Huge Match: 89% Rating: 7
Nurse Jackie
Nurse Jackie Match: 88.2% Rating: 8
Better With You
Better With You Match: 88.1% Rating: 7.8
Hung Match: 88.1% Rating: 7.7
The Secret Life of the American Teenager
The Secret Life of the American Teenager Match: 88% Rating: 6.8
Cougar Town
Cougar Town Match: 87.9% Rating: 8.1
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Life Unexpected Match: 87.9% Rating: 8.1
Raising Hope
Raising Hope Match: 87.7% Rating: 8.4
Queer as Folk
Queer as Folk Match: 87.5% Rating: 8.1


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