Life is all about balance. So what happens when you throw a new baby into it? Reagan and her husband Chris are the proud new parents of baby Amy. She may have been unexpected, but life's curve balls can be a godsend, literally. Unless you have a career that needs attention, which is exactly what Reagan has. So, bucking tradition, they decide Reagan's the one going back to work while Chris is going to be the stay-at-home dad. Easy, right? Well, not quite.

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The King of Queens
The King of Queens Match: 92.9% Rating: 8.6
Black-ish Match: 92% Rating: 8
Fresh Off the Boat
Fresh Off the Boat Match: 91.9% Rating: 8
Go On
Go On Match: 91.7% Rating: 7.8
Samantha Who?
Samantha Who? Match: 91.3% Rating: 7.5
Whitney Match: 91.3% Rating: 7.7
The Middle
The Middle Match: 91.1% Rating: 8.1
Workaholics Match: 91% Rating: 8.1
New Girl
New Girl Match: 91% Rating: 7.9
Cougar Town
Cougar Town Match: 91% Rating: 8.1
Happy Endings
Happy Endings Match: 90.9% Rating: 8.2
The Mindy Project
The Mindy Project Match: 90.8% Rating: 7.3
Togetherness Match: 90.7% Rating: 7
2 Broke Girls
2 Broke Girls Match: 90.5% Rating: 8.2
Rules of Engagement
Rules of Engagement Match: 90.4% Rating: 8


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