After saving the life of an international diplomat in Washington D.C., a pair of U.S. Secret Service agents are whisked away to a covert location in South Dakota that houses supernatural objects that the U.S. Government has collected over the centuries. Their new assignment: retrieve some of the missing objects and investigate reports of new ones.

Shows like Warehouse 13

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Eureka Match: 90.7% Rating: 8.6
Alphas Match: 89.4% Rating: 7.8
The Librarians (2014)
The Librarians (2014) Match: 86% Rating: 7
Wonderfalls Match: 85.4% Rating: 8.2
Stranger Things
Stranger Things Match: 84.6% Rating: 8.5
Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Match: 84.3% Rating: 8.3
White Collar
White Collar Match: 83.9% Rating: 8.8
Torchwood Match: 83.4% Rating: 8.4
Misfits Match: 83.3% Rating: 8.8
Terra Nova
Terra Nova Match: 83.1% Rating: 8.2
The Leftovers
The Leftovers Match: 83% Rating: 7.1
Alias Match: 82.8% Rating: 8.4
Westworld Match: 82.4% Rating: 8.2
Fargo Match: 82.2% Rating: 8.4
Pushing Daisies
Pushing Daisies Match: 82.1% Rating: 8.6


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