Watch Sherlock. It’s Elementary.

Sherlock, from the BBC, is two three episode seasons of pure anglo-goodness. The boys from 221B Baker Street are thrown into the 21st century to solve London’s pressing mysteries using superior powers of observation and deduction. Each episode runs about an hour and a half and plays more like a TV movie, but with the common thread of arch nemesis Jim Moriarty tying each episode to the next.

It’s a must watch show and since I’ve run out of friends to recommend it to, I’m using this platform the take action. I’ve added it to the database, and some notable shows that match it are: The Mentalist, White Collar, Lie to Me, and Luther. These shows match heavily on the Mystery, Detective, Strong Male Lead, and City Setting attributes. And if you just can’t get enough of enigmatic British detectives, Luther is also from the BBC. Finally, if you can wait a few weeks, CBS is launching its own fresh take on Sherlock Holmes, Elementary, casting Jonny Lee Miller as Sherlock and in a twist, Lucy Liu as Watson.

Season one of Sherlock is currently on Netflix.